St Aloysius Catholic Church
Yoder, Indiana

Formed Survey

Welcome to your FORMED usage survey.

It is hope of your FORMED committee that will use FORMED and find it useful in strengthening your Catholic faith.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact a FORMED Committee member:

Alan and Christy Gunkel
Jim and Diane Christie
Julie Callahan
Tony Vining
Joe Baxter
Monsignor Galic


1) How often do you (or do you plan to) use the FORMED website?
2) What section of the FORMED website do you use most often?
3) What section of the FORMED website would you like to see expanded?

4) Would you be interested in small-group meetings/discussions such as the type we did with Arise?
5) If so, what program would you like to see run as a small discussion group?

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