St Aloysius Catholic Church
Yoder, Indiana

About the Parish


Our History

In 1859, under the leadership of Bishop John Henry Luers and the dedication of 16 local families, the decision to build a church to serve rural Allen County was made.  Christian Miller, a founding parishioner, donated 3 acres and the Church was built one year later.

In 1876, in an effort to secure the teaching of Catholic doctrine to our young people in the faith, the focus shifted to the development of a parish school.  The school was built in 1882

Saint Aloysius Parish Today

The parish continues to be good stewards to the school.  This close knit community has withstood the test of time and continues to grow in numbers and in the faith. This indomitable faith community balances our academic history.

Saint Aloysius school has the distinction of being the oldest, continuously run, Catholic School in the Fort Wayne – South Bend Diocese. Over 120 years of education and tradition are now the foundation for excellence.    Our school has surpassed many goals and milestones.  Generations upon generations have passed through our school doors.  Stability and strength are evident.  Commitment and pride are alive.

Strong Catholic values such as morality and integrity coupled with high academic achievement are the cornerstone of our foundation.  Upon that foundation, we continue to build a new sense of excellence.

We are located at 14623 Bluffton Road, Yoder, Indiana 46798.

To contact the Parish, call (260)622-4491.

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